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Garage Door System Overhauls

We service all brands of garage doors. Daily use of your garage door system combined with the weight of the garage door will eventually cause, springs, rollers, bearings, cables, pulleys, hinges and brackets to break, seize up, fall apart or stretch. We can overhaul your existing garage door system and make it as good as new by replacing all the doors working equipment without the expense of a garage door replacement. Affinity Garage Door uses professional grade materials and parts from leading manufacturers.  We are ready to overhaul your garage door system and make it quiet, efficient and reliable for your family’s safety and peace of mind. Ask about our rebuild packages today, they come with a lifetime warranty on all replaced parts!

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Broken Spring Torsion System Replacements

Broken Springs:

Garage door springs are the most common failures on any garage door. Springs will never break when the door is in the up position because the tension has been decreased to 0 tension when the door is open.  They do all the heavy lifting and that stress of years of use causes them to break over time. They 100% of the time break in the down position which traps whatever is in your garage, in your garage until you have the springs replaced. If your door opens an inch or 2 by opener and stops, inspect your springs. They should be intact, solid and the door should not slam down when disengaging the trolley of the opener by pulling the red emergency release cord. Springs are rated for cycles; a cycle is the door opening and closing one time. Other contributing factors to spring breakage are weather (very cold conditions), rust formation and pitting in the metal or in some cases incorrect springs from previous service in the past. We replace your springs with the correct springs every time, guaranteed.

Worn Rollers:

When rollers fail, this is one of the most catastrophic failures possible. When the rollers bearings get worn, they act like a wheel bearing on your vehicle. They make a bunch of noise, grind and squeal causing added wear on the opener and other parts of the door. When they finally give out, the roller stem breaks off the roller and falls into the track, often catching in a lock knockout in the track which will then bind the door and potentially damage door panels and/or the motor. We replaced those old steel, wobbly and noisy rollers in a set with Nylon, 13 steel ball bearing rollers with sound dampening backing. These are warrantied for life and when coupled with a quiet, belt driven chamberlain or LiftMaster openers it makes for the quietest garage door system you’ve ever heard. Call and ask about this package today!

Worn Bearings:

Bearings are bearing, they fail. Improper service over years coupled with high and low varied temperatures cause them to vacate any grease they have packed in them. When this happens, they begin to stop spinning efficiently, freeze or lock up and throw slack in the cable, causing the door to come off track and on whatever is under it. A high percentage of door-off-track repairs are due to this hidden issue. You have 3 bearing on your garage door, if you don’t know the doors history, hear loud screeching or have seen your door struggling you should give us a call. Torsion assemblies can be dangerous if left un-serviced for too long.

Hinges and other rotating components:

You should give your door or have a qualified technician inspect your door annually for and failing or broken hinges and parts. When the door is in the up position, all the weight of the door and gravity are pushing down on it. This causes wear and tear, bent and broken components over time. Your door weighs quite a bit just depending on the style, height and width. Make sure it stays in track and not on you or your family. Each year, 30,000+people are injured by their garage door, don’t be a statistic. Keep your door serviced, your parts replaced and on the up and up; our families safety depends on it.

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