Garage Door Openers

We service all major brands of garage door openers but being because there are so many, we may not always have the part to fix it on hand. With that said, we can and will always be able to get anything we need to make the necessary repairs in an expedient manner. Most commonly, safety eye sensors get out of alignment and a simple adjustment will get your door closing again. Sometimes they burn out or maybe there was a power surge which burned the circuit board up. When we arrive on an opener call, we will always weigh the cost of repair vs. replacement. Some contributing factors to consider are the efficiency of the garage door, age of the opener and any repairs that have already been made. Whatever the case may be, rest assure we will always do as you please.


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Garage Door Opener Installation

2 8x7 Garage Door and 2 Linear 800 Belt Drive Opener Installation Video